Dec 01

With the desire to expand, and knowing that the online world is the first source where customers come to collect information, Grupo Silgest has decided to increase its presence online and for this, we have developed a new website, more in line with what the Grupo Silgest means: A wide offer, quality and service.

As part of this strategy we are developing new online appearance of both the Silgest Group and all the companies that compose the group: La Herramienta Industrial, Pertesa, and La Herramienta Express. We have also created our social networks profiles (Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter), which will certainly facilitate communication with our customers. Shortly, the new websites of the Group will be online, as well as their versions in the French and English languages.

We want to give the image that corresponds to us, that of a modern and efficient Group that provides solutions, both in product range and advisory capacity.

Our objective is that our website to be useful and interesting and provide you with information about our companies. Companies formed by dynamic people and always ready to give the best service.

The new websites are created with a current and dynamic aesthetic that allows you to interact with the user and are completely “responsive”, that is, they are designed with full compatibility with any device: computers, tablets and smartphones.