About Us

SILGEST GROUP is a leader in the manufacture and distribution of industrial products worldwide, with final customers in three continents: America, Africa and Europe. It is formed by three companies specialized in different areas of the industrial world. La Herramienta Industrial specialized in machinery and industrial supply; PERTESA, specialized in the industrial supply of personal protective equipment (PPE’s); and La Herramienta Express, specialized in industrial hardware supplies with very short lead times.

More than 80 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied industrial clients attest our know-how. Speed, professionalism, a very wide catalogue and an integral logistics, together with the high specialization of our human team, are the characteristics that best define the companies of Silgest Group. We work with leading brands and we offer to our clients a specialized service that follows our philosophy: speed, professionalism and quality of service.

Our History

  • 1885 Birth of D. Celestino Silva Campos

    D. Celestino Silva Campos (Campo Lameiro, Pontevedra 25-08-1885, 3-6-1972)  starts in Pontevedra (Spain) and Havana (Cuba) the activity of hardware trade. A tenacious and hardworking man, he had 13 children, 5 of them, boys continued their activity in different towns in Galicia (Pontevedra, Vigo and Villagarcía de Arosa) and Castilla y León (Ponferrada, León and Palencia).

  • 1925 Birth of D. José Silva Conde

    D. José Silva Conde, (was born in Pontevedra, 11-08-1925) graduate in Chemical Sciences. After its passage by one of the most important steelworks in the time of postwar of Spain, Esteban Orbegozo in Zumárraga (Guipúzcoa), he begins the expansion of the group in Palencia. Its technical knowledge and professionalism make that the main companies of the region trust their needs to his company, obtaining a faithful and very consolidated portfolio of clients.

  • 1936 Constitution of La Herramienta Industrial

    With the arrival of the important RENFE workshops to Valladolid an industrial supply of hardware is constituted in the central street of Acera Recoletos to serve its needs. It will become Soon of the great supplier of the general industry of the region supplying all type of machinery, equipment and accessories.

  • 1980 Constitution of PERTESA

    With the increase of the activity and with the objective of attending in a specialized and professional way the prevention of occupational risks in the development of the activity of the workers in their work place, is established the company Perfeccionamientos Técnicos Salamanca S.L. “PERTESA”.
    Since beginning, it has become a benchmark for advising on the selection of PPE for the prevention of occupational hazards of workers.

  • 1998 Constitution of the Silgest Group

    In order to reorganize the different companies of the group Silgest Group is constituted. This year the group is based in Spain in Valladolid, Palencia, León and Salamanca and in Cuba in Havana.
    With the Silgest Group, it is possible to give administrative cover to its companies, allowing the industrial and commercial activity of the different companies of the group to carry out with greater dedication and specialization.

  • 2001 Transfer and expansion of the Group Headquarters

    In 2001, in an environment of consolidation of telecommunications and logistics, Silgest Group implements a new IT system of integral management (ERP) in all its companies and unifies in a single space all the logistics infrastructures and general warehouse.

  • 2007 Constitution of La Herramienta Express

    The service to the customers becomes more and more demanding and the promptness to attend their needs is becoming more important in the commercial relations. This year, La Herramienta Express, is established, a logistical platform capable of supplying more than 35,000 items within 24 hours in the customer place or in an airport for the transfer anywhere in the world.

  • 2011 Constitution of La Herramienta Mauritania

    In order to meet supply needs in the expansion of one of the largest mining companies in the world, La Herramienta Mauritania, is established with the local partner Monsieur Ahmed Mahdioud Mohamed Khaled Sidiya.
    With a warehouse of 300 m² in Zourate and another one of more than 500 m² in Nouakchott (the capital), it gives service to the industry, mainly mining industry of Mauritania. The quality requirement in the management and products quality it is identical to the rest of the markets where our group is present, obtaining an important implantation in the country.

  • 2014 Constitution of La Herramienta Ecuador

    With the objective of market diversification undertaken by the company, it was decided to expand the activity to Ecuador, stablishing a company based in Quito and focused mainly in looking after the needs of mining and oil industry.

  • 2016 Constitution of Namibia Toolquip Trading (Pty) Ltd.

    Silgest Group constitute a company in Namibia because the mining industry has a large presence in the economy. Mines of uranium, copper, gold quartz, phosphates, salt, etc., accompanied by an important investment in transport infrastructure, electrical… and a fishing sector with a large presence of Spanish companies make the country interesting for our Group.

  • 2023 Present

    Silgest Group currently has facilities of more than 5000 m², with offices and warehouses in America, Africa and Europe. It offers service to more than 1000 companies around the world. It has a team of 50 people in Spain, and more than 20 in the branches in Cuba, Ecuador, Mauritania and Namibia. It has a professional team highly specialized in all the industrial areas in which it carry out commercial activity.
    It has a catalogue of more than 100,000 references manufactured by the main companies of the world, mainly European but also North American, Canadian, Australian, Japanese, South African… The ISO 9001: 2008 certification maintained for 12 years guarantees the quality procedures of the management and of the products, being a rigorous requirement its fulfilment.

Silgest Group provides solutions to the industry by providing its customers with the latest technology in equipment, improving their production capacity, increasing the efficiency of their processes and ensuring the safety of their employees.

Our companies provide a competitive advantage as a reliable business partner for our clients. Provide the highest reliability, efficiency and efficiency in the supply of equipment for the industry.

  • Innovation: We adapt to change to ensure our competitiveness in the present and in the future.
  • Responsibility: We promote the health and safety of people.
  • Excellence: We look for continuous improvement as strategic allies of our clients and suppliers.
  • Respect: We encourage personal relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

Grupo Silgest is an organization specialized in industrial supplies and safety equipment. Our commitment towards quality, environment, and health and safety of our employees is based on the following commitments:

  • Specialized. We must take advantage of our experience and know-how to provide quality solutions to our customers, both in terms of products and in terms of service and advisory.
  • Staff capacity. Our staff must be skilled and capable in their tasks, with continuous training to improve their performance every day.
  • Customer oriented. It is essential to meet the requirements agreed with customers efficiently and effectively. Customers are the reason why our company exists, so we must be seen as more than just a supplier.
  • Wide and consolidated product range. We offer products with the maximum quality guarantee from the leading brands in the industry and from our own brands.
  • Continuous improvement. Our constant objective is performance improvement, from a perspective of full compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Environmental Protection. Through the prevention of pollution, efficiency in the consumption of natural resources, the minimisation of waste production and the adequacy of its final management.
  • Health and safety. Providing safe and healthy working conditions to prevent injuries and deterioration of health by eliminating hazards and reducing risks.
  • Participation and consultation. Establishing communication channels to involve workers in the integrated management system.