Our guarantee

We have customers are all over the world. In Europe we are leading suppliers of the most leading companies in the industrial field. Large companies rely on us for their supply chain. In Africa we give support to several of the largest mines in the world, in Cuba we have a presence in the main industrial companies, we are also in Ecuador, Namibia … We not only sell industrial machinery and supply, but also deal with logistics And we arrive where the conditions are very difficult. Silgest Group is a world leader in providing industrial supply.

“Whatever product you need, we have it.”

At present there are more than 100 large industrial companies from different countries that trust in one of our companies, either in La Herramienta Industrial, Pertesa, or La Herramienta Express. Here you can see some of our most important clients, in some cases, reaching turnover of several million euros, and maintaining a trust relationship of more than 10 years.

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