Mining Industry

The Mining Industry plays a fundamental role in our society due to the increase in the demand of primary resources of the emerging economies and in our current technological society.

Our solutions help prevent and solve many of the challenges of this activity.

The mining industry is constantly facing many challenges. Whether in an underground or open pit mine, mining is always carried out in an environment with very extreme conditions. Such adverse conditions of climatology, environmental, difficult to reach and extremely aggressive processes require suppliers with a great knowledge of the needs to provide solutions to solve their problems. The production in a mine is constant and only stops on rare occasions. Stops of production can cause huge losses and alter production plans is impossible. The different companies that form Silgest Group offer leading solutions in the different areas that this sector needs.

Solutions for Miming Industry

  • La Herramienta Industrial

    Electric generation, compressed air generation, hydraulics, industrial cleaning, lifting and handling, instrumentation, power transmission, conveyor belts, chemicals, etc.

  • Pertesa

    Signalling. Protective and safety equipment suitable for mining sector, for chemical and aggressive products; Optical, facial, respiratory, auditory protection.

  • La Herramienta Express

    Company specializing in the supply of tools and spare parts: Hand, pneumatic and electric tools. A wide range of flameproof tools.