The sector of industrial, chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories; as much from control and research or manufacturing, is an increasingly demanding sector in terms of quality. The three companies that form Silgest Group have a large team of professionals who will advise you on the appropriate equipment for your work. You will have our support and personalized technical advice, in the choice of the optimal equipment for the realization of all those tests, studies, controls or verifications that you need for your company to grow and develop.

Sometimes protecting the worker against the risks of production processes and others protecting the manufactured product against pollution from the worker makes the specialized knowledge of this sector a necessity when looking for the supplier of PPE’s in our laboratory.

Sterile areas, clean rooms, clean spaces, sterilization of spaces and people, storage areas …Work areas where you have to work under strict security protocols, require a specialist such as PERTESA to ensure the protection of the worker as well as the finished product.

Solutions for Laboratories

  • La Herramienta Industrial

    Instrumentation, machinery and filtration for laboratories.

  • Pertesa

    Signalling. Protective equipment for gases, sterile protective equipment, respiratory protective equipment, suitable for the sector, for chemical and aggressive products; Optical, facial, respiratory, auditory protection.

  • La Herramienta Express

    ESD manual tool, electric tool, laboratory material.