Currently there are more than 600 refineries installed in the world, producing more than 13 million cubic meters of refined products. There are many requirements that a refinery needs. Each refinery has a particular economy that generates a configuration of installed plants, which gives specific operational characteristics. It is a sector with a lot of risk and that also undergoes a great environmental pressure. In Silgest Group we are aware of these needs and that is why our companies, both La Herramienta Industrial, with the industrial machinery necessary for the activity; Pertesa with everything that has to do with the attention to the protective equipment, as La Herramienta Express guaranteeing the supply of spare parts and consumables, rise up in trusted partners in this sector so demanding. Our customers in the sector know that having the support of Silgest Group is a guarantee of quality and efficiency.

Solutions for the Refinery Sector

  • La Herramienta Industrial

    Electric generation, compressed air generation, hydraulics, industrial cleaning, lifting and handling, instrumentation, power transmission, chemical products, etc. We are specialized in equipment with ATEX certification.

  • Pertesa

    Signalling. Protective equipment for gases, fire-retardant materials, respiratory protective equipment, suitable for the sector, for chemical and aggressive products; Optical, facial, respiratory, auditory protection.

  • La Herramienta Express

    Manual, pneumatic and electrical tools with a wide range of flameproof tools.