Electric Sector

The companies of Silgest Group offer solutions for the different areas of the electricity sector, thermoelectric generation, hydroelectric power plants, wind farms, photovoltaic energy, transformation or maintenance substations, transport and distribution. For many years, both La Herramienta Industrial, Pertesa, or La Herramienta Express have served companies located in Spain as well as in America and Africa. Our customers rely on us because they know our professionalism and our extensive logistic structure that allows us to reach very remote and difficult access places.

Solutions for Electric Sector

  • La Herramienta Industrial

    Electrical distribution and protection material, cables for the energy, industrial and communications sector.

  • Pertesa

    Equipment for electrical protection. Footwear, gloves, face protection, dielectric protection, fall protection; Optical, respiratory and auditory protection.

  • La Herramienta Express

    Insulated hand tool, specific electrical tooling, pneumatic and electric tool.