Logistic Services

Modern logistics is a complex network that requires intelligence, scalability and sustainability. As a logistics provider for a complete and professional service, we apply this approach in Silgest Group. Our professionals identify the transport and logistics services that best fit your order. A wide range of options allows us to ensure that your order finds the best balance between cost and urgency.

How do we make this possible? Silgest Group has an extensive network of logistics support companies, which allows us to provide global logistics services. Orders are transported by air, sea and ground. After the confirmation of the order, our multilingual team will advise you personally. Specialized staff will guarantee the good handling of the load.

If you need it, we also take care of the regular transport between our warehouse and your production centre (door to door). Naturally, we synchronize schedules and develop an individual concept for you to adapt to local conditions, such as accessibility, distances, weather, etc. We are certified with ISO 9001: 2008.

Logistic Areas

Ground Transport

  • We have our own fleet.
  • Transportation by national and international roads.
  • Special or heavy transport.
  • Cargo insurance for all types of transport.
  • Storage and distribution services.

Sea Transport

  • Versatile & affordable sea cargo transportation.
  • Management of large loads.
  • Consolidated, full load.
  • Cargo insurance for all types of transport.

Air Transport

  • Fast, safe and reliable.
  • The most efficient shipping within the most reliable transit times.
  • Export and import of products worldwide.
  • Cargo insurance for all types of transport.
  • Storage and distribution services.