Modern industry and competitiveness demand that industrial manufacturing processes be carried out with the most technologically innovative and efficient equipment. Today, due to the rapid technological evolution, it is difficult to be aware of the new technology, methods of analysis and their implications within the industry. Our work methodology and the products we develop are the result of the demands of the market, and the search for quality standards. We help our clients achieve their objectives, through the analysis of their needs and our extensive knowledge of the market.

The companies that form Silgest Group have a team of highly specialized experts in the different sectors in we work in. In La Herramienta Industrial, Pertesa, and La Herramienta Express we advise you to work with quality products and that your needs are covered with the latest technologies in the market.

Advise Areas


  • Advice of process.
  • Appropiate machinery according to the activity.
  • Apporpiate tool according to the activity.
  • Start up and maintenance management.
  • Waranty management.


  • Regulation of the different sectors.
  • Industrial & environmental regulations.
  • Personal Protective Equipment regulations.
  • Compliance with international regulations.


  • Parameters of operation and operability.
  • Necessary elements in the workplace.
  • Advice on personal protective equipment.
  • Risks evaluation.