Oil Industry

The Oil and Gas Industry remains an essential source of energy and will continue for decades. Our customers in the oil and gas industry are facing new challenges every day to maintain production while at the same time complying with strict governmental obligations for environmental protection, which are increasingly demanding.

We provide support so that they can optimize and secure their processes.

The companies of Silgest Group, offer different solutions related to the scope of supplying tools, machinery, technology and security of the personnel in the facilities, which allows it to maintain an operation without incidences of both the exploitation and equipment.

Solutions for Oil Industry

  • La Herramienta Industrial

    Electric generation, compressed air generation, hydraulics, industrial cleaning, lifting and handling, instrumentation, power transmission, chemical products. We are specialized in equipment with ATEX certification.

  • Pertesa

    Signalling. Protective equipment for gases, fire-retardant materials, respiratory protective equipment suitable for the sector, protective equipment for chemical and aggressive products; Optical, facial, respiratory, auditory protection.

  • La Herramienta Express

    Manual tool, pneumatic tool, electric tool and a wide range of flameproof tools.