Protective Equipment

PERTESA, one of the companies of Silgest Group, is specialized in advising, selling and manufacturing Personal Protection Equipment (PPE’s) for the worker.

The European Regulations on the Protection of occupational hazards are very demanding. We share this demand and understand that the life of a worker is very important. Our headquarters in Spain, where our Technical Department is located and our human resources perfectly formed and with a high ethical value, allows us to extend our culture of prevention to all the markets in which we work.

All our PPE’s meet the specific regulations of each country.

Our client is in the industrial sector, covering different types of industries. In all these sectors, we guarantee the supply of products – both homemade as made from well-known brands – that meet the highest quality standards.

Thanks to the qualification and certification of our personnel, our PPE’s meet the regulations required in each country, regarding design, meeting the regulations and construction, so that the protection of the company and the worker is assured.

Solutions for Public Works

  • Eye and face protection.
  • Respiratory protection dependent and isolated.
  • Hand protection and protective gloves.
  • Protective footwear and safety boots.
  • Workwear.
    (high visibility, extreme cold protection, water, fire retardant.).
  • Industrial Protection
    (chemical, food, electrical sector, mining…).
  • Protection for work in height.
  • Industrial Absorbents.
  • Security Signs.